Airbnb To Offer Apartments For Rent In The Orlando Area

Orlando Tourism

Orlando, Florida is one of the premier vacation destinations in the world. With countless theme parks, including the undisputed King, Disney World, as well as multiple beaches only an hour away, it’s no surprise that so many families flock to the Central Florida area year after year. Theme parks and tourist attractions aren’t the only entities that experience booming business.

Hotels and other lodging also reap the rewards of being in such a tourist-heavy area. While there’s no shortage of hotel and resort options around the Orlando area, travelers to Central Florida will soon have another option when it comes to where they stay.


Airbnb announced that they’ll soon be opening an officially branded apartment complex in Kissimmee, Florida, just south of Orlando. The proposed complex will have 324 units, and the development is part of the Airbnb’s partnership with the Newgard Development Group, a firm based out of Miami. The building will be known as “Niido Powered by Airbnb.”  This new apartment complex will allow residents to sign an annual lease and then rent out their units for to 180 days each year.

The idea behind this project is to make it easy for tenants to share their homes with potential guests. The plan is to create the most modern apartments available. They’ll have an extremely homey feel but they’ll also have all of the modern amenities that you can expect to find in high-end hotels. For example, each apartment will have keyless entry and tenants will be able to remotely manage their property for guests with an app that will allow them to control cleaning, luggage services and check-in.

Turn Down Service

Jaja Jackson, the director of global multifamily housing partnerships, had the following to say about the move:  “This partnership shows how landlords, developers and Airbnb can work together to create value for everyone and better serve tenants. We’re making it easier for more hosts to share their space, and giving guests access to more affordable options when they travel.”

An official date hasn’t been released as to when the apartments will be available for rent, but current expectations are that the complex will be up and running within the first several months of 2018. Airbnb also expects to expand development like this to the Miami area and other major Southeastern cities.