These European Hotels Are Scheduled To Open In 2019 And They’re Worth The Trip By Themselves

With almost a month and a half behind us, 2019 is officially in full swing. Many travelers have already taken vacations, and many others have plans for some trips later on in the year. If you still haven’t got any plans for a big trip this year, Europe is sure to be a hot destination. Part of that reason is that there are tons of new hotels opening up throughout the continent in 2019. Here’s a look at some of those hotels.


Edinburgh, Scotland

Last month, the Fingal officially opened as a floating, luxury resort. The lighthouse ship was built in 1963. The Royal Yacht Britannia got tired of the ship simply rusting away in Edinburgh, so they invested in converting the ship to a luxury floating resort. The Fingal boasts 23 cabins with the most modern amenities. Several of those rooms also have private balconies, as well as separate living quarters and private dining areas. The ship also has a bar and restaurant on board, as well as plenty of lounge areas where guests can enjoy cocktails.

Vintry And Mercer

London, England

This month marks the grand opening of Vintry and Mercer, a 92-room hotel that’s located in London’s Vintry Ward neighborhood. The rooms are rich and warm in design, with leather on the door handles and plush red velvet on the headboards. What makes this hotel so special is the neighborhood in which it’s located. It’s essentially the centerpiece of Garlic Hill and just a short walk from iconic landmarks like the London Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Matild Palace

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest has long been known for its gorgeous buildings and the Matild Palace will fit right in. It’s the first Luxury Collection hotel to open in the country and it is scheduled to open soon. The hotel was built in the original Matild Palace, which was constructed in 1902. The hotel has 130 elegantly decorated rooms. The property will also feature a gourmet restaurant, a café that’s been built to resemble the historic Matild Café, as well as a Sky Bar.

Four Seasons Astir Palace

Athens, Greece

This March, the first Four Seasons hotel in Greece will open at the historic Astir Palace. Once open, the hotel will boast 303 room, suites, and villas to choose from. The property will also have on-site basketball and tennis courts, a tennis academy, multiple swimming pools, and several private beaches. The resort will be within a short walk to a marina, beach club, and high-end dining and shopping options.