The Most Expensive Vacations In The World

For most of us, the goal of planning a vacation is to find the most affordable options we can while still fulfilling all of our wants for a trip. For an elite few, though, money is no object, and they can afford to say in some of the most ridiculously luxurious accommodations on the planet. What follows is a list of some of the most expensive vacations in the world, one of which costs–wait for it–$195,000 per night!

The Pikaia Lodge


If you’ve ever wanted to visit the famous Galapagos Islands, and you have money to burn, then the Pikaia Lodge is the place for you. The lodge definitely caters to those with explorers’ hearts. You can explore the local crater and come face to face with many animals and then dine in the lodge’s amazing restaurant. A pool-side suite for a week will set you back $10,205 per person.

North Island


Not surprisingly, one vacation option for the ultra-rich is to stay on a private island. That’s what you get with this private resort. The resort villa is 8,000 square feet, and there are only 11 rooms. You can walk the islands wooden decks and explore coconut groves and the private beach, and it will only cost you $11,000 per night.

The Post House at Post Ranch Inn

Big Sur, California

The best room in the house at the Post Ranch Inn will provide guests with floor to ceiling windows so they can take in views of the Pacific Ocean. Those views are also available from a private Jacuzzi, and both the views and the coziness can be yours for around $4,350 per night.

Wilderness Safaris Bistate Lodge


For those ultra-wealthy folks on a budget, this is the lowest nightly rate on the list. You still get plenty of perks for your $1,100 per night, though. Guests can stay in one of only six villas, each with a fireplace and private deck that overlooks some of the local volcanoes. Guests can also choose to pitch in and help with the area’s conservation efforts, which focus on protecting mountain gorillas.

The White Desert


Here it is: the crème de la crème. For $195,000, you can hop on a private Gulfstream Jet and fly from Cape Town, South Africa to Antarctica. Once on the icy ground, you can go exploring for about eight hours and then enjoy a gourmet dinner to cap off the evening before flying back the next day. The entire trip lasts just shy of 24 hours, which means you’re paying $135.42 for every minute of fun.