Hotel Amenities That Are Likely (And Thankfully) Gone For Good

It seems that hotels have gone through some major changes in the past ten years. It’s as if they’ve created new generational standards and the thing is, many people haven’t even noticed. The easiest way to show these changes is by taking a look back at some of the standard amenities that you may not even realize have disappeared. Here’s a look at some of the amenities that have thankfully disappeared from most major hotel chains.

Gross Bedspreads

You remember these, right?  The first thing we’d do upon entering a hotel room is collect the disgusting, grimy bedspread, wad it into a ball and toss it into the corner of the room. Most modern hotels have replaced those nasty things with fresh duvets that get washed regularly. Even the sheets have been stepped up, with many chains offering no less than 300-thread count, Egyptian cotton options.


OK, so outlets in hotel rooms have actually a-ppeared—not the other way around. But there was a time when finding a spare electrical outlet in a hotel room was nearly impossible, but that’s because those rooms were leftover relics from a time where few people owned cell phones and laptop computers. Now, most hotel rooms will offer a ton of outlets and USB charging ports for all of your mobile devices.

Crappy Artwork

For most hotel chains, the days of generic, boring artwork in rooms are over. They’ve replaced cheap paintings of water lilies with prints (and some originals) of work from local artists that depict the area in which you’re staying.


Minibars were never cheap, and while there are still a few around, the quality and selection of items have vastly improved. No more paying $30 for a Twix and Heineken. Now, the higher end joints will stock their minibars with craft beers from locals breweries and unique snacks that showcase both local flare and its vendors.

Paid Wi-Fi

There are still a few chains out there who charge for Wi-Fi, but by and large, most hotels have realized that free Wi-Fi is a basic expectation for travelers and a pretty reasonable request. Even if you come across a hotel chain that still charges for Wi-Fi, you can usually get around it by joining the chain’s loyalty club, the majority of which offer their members free Wi-Fi.