Here’s Why Your Next Vacation Should Be A River Cruise

When most people think of a cruise vacation, they probably think about a 7-10 day jaunt through the Caribbean or maybe a trip along the coast of Alaska. However, in recent years river cruises have become more and more popular. In an age where so many vacation options (even those that are cruise-specific) can become a bit overwhelming, choosing a river cruise is a great way to try something new and get some major returns on your investment!

What makes a river cruise so special is that it essentially shrinks your vacation experience.  While that sounds like a bad thing, look at it this way:  you won’t have to spend as much time planning on what to pack for shore excursions. The boats are smaller and thus, more intimate. In fact, you’ll likely be sharing the boat with no more than a hundred passengers. What the riverboats really excel at is giving you a brand new experience in some pretty famous destinations.

A river cruise will likely take you to some pretty popular vacation spots—Paris, Moscow and Amsterdam are some of the most popular. However, you’ll also visit some lesser traveled destinations that offer some really great experiences. There’s cruise that takes passengers to a remote floating Cambodian village and an Egyptian temple dedicated to crocodiles. You won’t find anything like that on a Royal Caribbean trip!  Where big ship cruises can seem a little canned after a few trips, river cruises offer some really authentic experiences.

The perks of river cruising are plentiful. The Adventures By Disney river cruises take guests along many of Europe’s popular rivers and allows them to visit quaint shops and markets that offer some truly unique experiences. Viking river cruises offer guests many “after-hours” experiences to their passengers, so you won’t have to worry about fighting the crowds that you typically find.

The ships themselves might not be as flashy as some of the giant ocean liners you’ve probably used to, but they make up for it by providing amazing scenery you just can’t find on the open sea. Add to that calmer waters and more personalized experiences and you may never take a big ship cruise again!