Now You Can Stay In A Shipwreck In Namibia

Namibia’s Skeleton Coast is littered with the rusted remains of wrecked ships and the skeletons of whales. Locals in the area refer to this area of the world as “the land God made in anger.”  Many folks may not think of that kind of place as a typical vacation destination, but a new lodging establishment called “The Shipwreck Lodge” is making the best of the local imagery and has built a 10-room resort that looks like an actual shipwreck.

The lodge is fixed among the sand dunes between the Hoarusib and Hoanib rivers. Construction isn’t complete, but artist renderings show a modern design that is very similar to the surrounding area’s many shipwrecks.

Once open, guests will be able to book either traditional rooms with twin or double beds or one of two family tents. Initial plans call for eight total rooms, plus the two tents available for booking. As a bonus for those who strive for green travel, all accommodations will run on solar power.

Each shipwreck room will include a wood burning stove and luxurious furnishings. The rooms will also come with an impressive view of the surrounding sand dunes, distant mountains, and sea by way of the large, open windows. One of the structures will also include a swimming pool, should guests want to take a relaxing break from the rugged landscape that surrounds the lodges. Dining will also be available among the shipwreck lodging.

The resort represents the only lodging to be built in the Skeleton Coast National Park—in fact, it’s the only lodging on the entire Skeleton Coast. The location of the lodges provide easy access to the Namibia Desert, and guests will be able to book tours where they can see things like a seal colony in Mowe Bay, an almost endless number of sand dunes, and they can visit Clay Castles, a popular hangout for the area hyenas. Guests will also be able to arrange lunches out on the beach.

The Shipwreck Lodge is expected to be open for guests in June of this year.