Top June Travel Destinations

June officially kicks off summer vacation season. Many of us are taking a much-needed break from school or work. Regardless of whether its beach and sand or mountains and seclusion that call to you, there’s a good chance you’ll be wanting to take a summer vacation, yourself. If you still haven’t picked out a destination the following list might help. Here are some of the top travel destinations to hit in the month of June.


Sri Lanka

This town on Sri Lanka’s southern coast is a great destination for folks with multiple interests. It’s a great spot for snorkeling and scuba diving, but there are also plenty of sites to see for history buffs. The Galle Fort, which was built in 1588, is a UNESCO World Heritage site is a favorite among visitors. Museums and tea plantations are just a couple of the other sites you’ll find in this small coastal town.


Alberta, Canada

June is a great month to visit Edmonton because, well, it’s not cold!  As North America’s northernmost “big” city, Edmonton offers visitors all sorts of reasons to come in June. The Edmonton pride festival runs June 8 through the 17th and you’ll find all sorts of concerts, parades, food, drink and countless other activities. Also occurring in June, the Freewill Shakespeare Festival runs from mid-June to mid-July. The city also offers up plenty of great restaurants and hotels to stay at while you’re in town.



While it may look like a postcard-perfect Caribbean destination, Mauritius is actually located on Africa’s coast and the Indian Ocean. You’ll be able to explore gorgeous beaches, reefs, and lagoons, as well as rainforests, mountains and almost countless wildlife. It’s located in the southern hemisphere, so it’s actually just coming off the stifling hot summer season and June should be perfect temperatures with plenty of ocean breeze.

Cabo San Lucas


June is a perfect month to visit this popular vacation destination at the bottom of the Baja peninsula. The summer crowds usually don’t arrive until later in the season, so you’ll find the perfect white sand beaches fairly uncrowded and plenty of rooms available at some truly remarkable hotel resorts.