The Ultimate Accommodation: Castles You Can Stay In

You may not being to afford to buy a castle, but you can certainly rent a room for the night. Across the world, castles have been turned into hotels for visitors to feel like royalty during their vacation.

Ashford Castle, Ireland

travelfuntu - ashford castle

Ashford Castle will certainly take your breath away. The castle still uses armor and oak panneling, gilt mirrors, and Waterford Chandeliers. The castle, located on Ireland’s second-largest lake, was first built in 1228, and has homed many famous inhabitants, such as the beer-brewing Guinness family. Today, the hotel is home to 82 rooms, with a wealth of activities for guests to enjoy.

Amberley Castle, United Kingdom

travelfuntu - amberley castle

The Amberley Castle in England hosts 19 luxurious guest rooms, with interior design to reflect the castle’s history. The 900-year-old castle offers the highest standards of food and service. Guests are invited to roam the grounds and enjoy the multiple amenities such as tennis courts, putting green and the many acres of gardens in which the hotel stands.

Hotel de la Cite, France

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Located in the heart of the medieval citadel of Cascassone, France, the Hotel de la Cite can host one memorable experience. The small town in which it is located, dates back to 100 BC, and acted as a port city and trading post. The Hotel is also a UNESCO heritage site and the surrounding city will definitely feel like a step back in time.

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, Canada

Travelfuntu - Hotel Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, Old Quebec City

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac “will seduce you with its breathtaking views of the St. Lawrence River and the architecture of the Old fortified City.” Stay in this castle’s 611 guest rooms and suites for premier amenities such as spa, restaurants, and salon. Many celebrities have stayed here like Princess Grace of Monaco, Charles de Gaulle, Ronald Reagan,Charles Lindberg, and Alfred Hitchcock.

Castello di Pavone, Italy

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The Tuscan-style hotel is located 1 hour west of Milan, in the city of Pavone. The area on which the castle sits was originally built in the mid-800s, with the fortified wall being built in 900AD. However, the castle wasn’t built until 1300s. It was created to protect the encompassing village. The castle now has 27 rooms waiting for your arrival.