Sleep With The Fishes In These Underwater Hotels

If your told you are going to be sleeping with the fishes, it is normally not a good thing. However, in this case, it is! These hotels offer you a chance to live underwater, amongst the sea creatures, but staying comfortable and dry the whole time.

Atlantis, The Palm: Dubai, India

travelfuntu - atlantis dubai

The Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai is the perfect getaway for any family that enjoys the water. The hotel not only has an on-site waterpark, a dolphin bay, and sea lion cover, but also underwater suites. The Poseidon and Neptune Underwater Suites have floor to ceiling windows that look straight into the aquarium’s Ambassador Lagoon. The lagoon is filled with 65,000 marine inhabitants.

Manta Resort: Pemba Island, Tanzania

travelfuntu - manta resort

Manta Resort expanded its accommodations, in 2013, to create this three-level hotel room that is also submerged 4 meters under the sea. The one-of-a-kind private floating island includes a deck perfect for sunbathing or stargazing.

Resort World Sentosa: Sentosa, Singapore

travelfuntu - Resort World Sentosa

Resort World Sentosa is a lifestyle destination resort that is home to world-class attractions, spa, casino and 6 unique hotels. However, the coveted gem of the resort is the 11 two-story townhouses with bedroom views of an aquarium filled with over 40,000 marine fish. The top story includes jacuzzi and outdoor patio, while the bottom story includes the bedroom and sunken jacuzzi bathtub.

Utter Inn Hotel: Vasteras, Sweden

travelfuntu - utter inn

The Utter Inn is a single room floating on Lake Malaren, designed by a local artist. This room is submerged 3 meters below sea level and has only 2 twin beds and a table. However, the room offers panoramic windows that really immerse you amongst the lake’s underwater life.

Lovers Deep: Various Locations

travelfuntu - lovers deep submarine

If you are looking for extreme luxury, the “Lovers Deep” submarine is your answer. The service called “The Mile Low Club” offers people a chance to rent a mobile underwater villa with intense isolation. At £175,000 a night you will have access to a butler and chef available around the clock, and unbeatable underwater views.