Extended Expedition: World’s Longest Hikes

Hiking is a great way to see the outdoors and get some exercise. A short trek up a mountain or a day walk through a national park can be quite an experience. However, there are some who push the limit. Hiking is more than just a fun activity, but it is life. Some of those expert hikers have attempted these long hikes. Many have attempted but only few have been able to complete the longest hikes in the world.

The Trans Canada Trail

travelfuntu - the great trail

Since 2016, the Trans Canada Trail has been promoted as The Great Trail (and rightfully so). This trail stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific and measures in at approximately 24,000 kilometers (15,000 miles). The trail was recently extended and fully opened to the public in September 2017. The trail runs along southern Canada and connects many major cities. The trail can be trekked by foot, horseback, bike and many other modes of transportation. The ‘mile zero’ of the trail is located in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

The American Discovery Trail

travelfuntu - american hiking trail

The American Discovery Trail is actually a network of recreation trails and roads that create a coast-to-coast hiking route. The trails starts in the Delmarva Peninsula and ends in Northern California. There are two routes – a north route that passes through Chicago (4,834 miles or 7,780 kilometers) and a south route that passes through St. Louis (5,057 miles or 8,138 km). The trail passes through 14 national parks and 16 national forests.

The Grand Italian Trail

grand italian trail

The Grand Italian Trail, known in Italian as the Sentiero Italia, cross the entire nation of Italy, and sprawls over 6,600 kilometers. The trail begins in Trieste and ends in Santa Teresa Gallure in Sardinia. The trail is actually a network of preexisting trails including the Grande Alpine Trail, the Ligurian Mountain Trail, and the Tuscan Grand Apennine Trail.

Hokkaido Nature Trail

travelfuntu - the-hokkaido-nature-trail

The Hokkaido Nature Trail is 4,585 kilometers long and is located on the island of Hokkaido, Japan. The trails connects national parks to cultural spots. However, what makes this trail so unique is along the way one will trek amongst active volcanoes.