5 Adventures You Should Plan Your Next Vacation Around

Most folks plan their vacations by choosing a destination and then come up with daily activities, sites to visit, and various other things to do once they’ve arrived. However, if you’re the adventurous type, you may want to plan your travel destinations around a specific activity. If that’s the case, here are five great places to visit based solely on the adventures you can embark on once you arrive.

Jaipur, India—Hot Air Ballooning

India is pretty well-known for its crowded urban areas and congestion. But if you’re not into crowds that’s not necessarily a reason to write off a trip to India. In the city of Jaipur, you can take a hot air balloon ride to get away from the busy crowds and see the city below. You’ll see some pretty tremendous landscapes, as well as some bucket list tourist sites like the 16th-century Amber Fort. For reservations, check out Sky Waltz.

New Orleans, Louisiana—Kayaking

New Orleans is a premier vacation destination for those looking for great food, great drinks, and great music. While that’s all good and well, there’s also a hidden gem for the adventurers. You can take a kayak tour through the waters of Bayou St. John, where you can see a variety of neighborhoods, 18th-century homes, and native wildlife. Contact Kayak-iti-yat for more information.

Valetta Malta—Diving

Valetta is a fantastic destination for art lovers and foodies, but it also offers some tremendous diving opportunities. Under the city lies a cave system that can accommodate beginning and experienced divers alike. You can also find thriving reefs offshore and the wreck of a World War II destroyer. You’ll find no shortage of dive centers in Malta, so it’s as easy as performing a quick search on your phone to get started.

Ljubljana, Slovenia—Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Ljubljana is a really great destination for folks that are looking for an eco-friendly and adventurous getaway. One of the many activities available is stand-up paddle-boarding down the Ljubljanica River. You’ll be able to see the beautiful baroque architecture of the surrounding buildings and make a list of the all the bars and restaurants you want to hit up when your tour is over.

Siem Reap, Cambodia—Horseback Riding

The famous temple, Angkor Wat, is the main draw to Siem Reap, but there’s plenty more to explore in the area. The best way to do all of that exploring is on horseback. The Happy Ranch offers a variety of tours that will take you down dirt roads and through numerous rice paddies and villages.