5 Must-Have Items For Working Out While Traveling

For some, just thinking about working out while on vacation is a big enough challenge. Add to that the challenge of having the gear you need for a successful workout on hand while staying in a hotel, and it’s no surprise that most folks don’t bother with getting a workout in while on vacation. However, if your dedication will not be swayed, here’s a list of some essential gear you should have on hand when traveling if you wish to keep up your exercise regimen.

Packable Jacket

If your workout involves running or walking and you’re planning on hitting some local trails or city streets to get it done, a packable jacket is vital. They’re nice and light, and modern options pack down to almost nothing, but they’re vital if the temperatures are likely to get a bit chilly.

Dietary Supplements

If you already have an established workout and dietary supplement routine in place, don’t forget to pack those supplements and bring them with you. Many brands of supplements and essential oils (for sore muscles) come in convenient travel sizes.

Proper Footwear

This one should be fairly obvious, but if you’re going to work out while on vacation you probably won’t want to wear your flip flops or driving moccasins. Good running shoes don’t weigh that much, and you should be able to squeeze them into your luggage fairly easily.


Workout gear has gotten extremely portable, and as long as you can get it into your luggage, you should be good to go. Some notable items you should consider are a decent jump rope, a foam roller, and a new favorite, the TRX Home2 suspension trainer, which will allow you get in a serious workout while never leaving your room (or campsite, boat, mountainside—anywhere you can hang it).

Hiking Pack


Hiking is probably the easiest form of exercising while on vacation. It allows you get out and explore your surroundings, which you were probably going to do anyway. A good day pack will allow you take everything you need for the day with you, and it can also double as your carry-on luggage while flying.