5 Tips For Business Travelers

Business travelers are a different breed. While excitement builds as families board a plane bound for a touristy vacation destination, business travelers are often thinking about a presentation that they have to deliver moments after landing, or a conference call they’ll have to cut short before they board the plane. One thing that frequent business travelers don’t need to worry about is the typical headaches that come with traveling. Here are five tips for frequent business travelers to avoid those headaches.

Schedule your trip wisely.

Traveling can wear you out, especially if you’re jumping across multiple time zones. Avoid a meeting-ruining bout of jet lag by giving yourself an extra buffer for your arrival. Getting to your destination a day early will give you a chance to catch up on sleep and get your internal clock adjusted before the big meeting. You can also join frequent flyer programs and take advantage of airport lounges for short bursts of R&R.

Pack Light

You’ll rarely see a frequent business traveler checking a bag. It’s time-consuming to wait at a baggage claim for your luggage to arrive, and there’s always a chance that it won’t get there, which will leave you with nothing to wear to the big meeting but the ratty college T-shirt and jeans that you’ve had on since leaving for the airport 10 hours earlier. Check the weather at your destination and pack accordingly, neatly rolling each article, so it doesn’t wrinkle. If you’re going on a long trip, consider using the hotel laundry service instead of bringing two weeks’ worth of clothes. If you can use disposable toiletries, go for it—it’ll cut down on the room.

Research your commute time.

Not all city commutes are created equal, so know how long it’s going to take to get from your hotel to your meeting locations. Google Maps will do wonders in planning your routes and estimated commute times.

Choose your hotel wisely.

Try to book a hotel close to your meeting locations that still falls within your allotted budget. If you can, sign up for a loyalty program with one hotel chain and use it as much as you can. You’ll likely start raking in the perks in no time!  Finally, free Wi-Fi and a good business center are a must for the frequent business traveler.

Business or pleasure?  Make it both!

If at all possible, try to schedule some time for yourself and enjoy wherever your business travels take you. See some sites, eat at local restaurants and pick up some souvenirs for the family back home. If nothing else, picking up this local cultural knowledge will likely help you with your business endeavors in the area.