Check Out This App For Easily Finding Electric Bikes And Scooters On Your Next Vacation

Many popular vacation towns don’t require a lot of long distance traveling to do and see everything on your “to-do” list, rendering a rental car useless. However, many of those items on your list might be just a bit too far to travel on foot. Public transportation is always an option, but that can take a good-sized chunk out of your day. Taxis or Uber can take an equally sized chunk out of your wallet. That’s where an electric bike or scooter rental can really come in handy.

However, you’re still going to need to be able to find those shareable electric bikes and scooters, as well as the docking stations to charge them. The fact that some shareable bikes from brands like Jump and Lime can be left just about anywhere makes finding them even more challenging.

Now there’s an app you can use to easily find shareable bikes and scooters wherever your next vacation takes you.

Citymapper isn’t exactly a new app. It’s always had buttons for searching for multiple types of transportation. You can also search by specific bus, train or subway lines. Now the Citymapper app has an option for searching for bike-related transportation. You can either add the bikes to your “all transportation” search preferences or you can run a search for bikes only. Either way, when you tap the “bike” button in the app you’ll see all of the shareable bikes that are near you.

If you tap on the bike sharing docks within the maps you’ll be able to see how many bikes are available to rent at each station. Some bike brands, like Jump, will actually show you how much battery percentage is left on each bike. This can be a real lifesaver because it will keep you from walking miles to snag a bike that’s going to die shortly after you take off. You’ll be able to track down those that are as close to fully-charged as possible.

Currently, the bike search feature within the Citymapper app is available for many major cities, and it might just help take your next vacation from good to epic!