Best Free Travel Apps For 2017

With the world at our fingertips through smart phones, it is easier, now more than ever, to book a flight or a whole trip in a matter of seconds. The travel app market, however, is saturated with options. These are the best free apps every avid traveler should have on their phone.

Google Trips

google-trips 2

Google made a name for itself in the travel industry when it launched its “Google Flights” function. However, they have now stepped it up even more with their app “Google Trips.” It attaches to your Gmail account to automatically organizes your trip for you. Based on your flight reservations, it can gather things to do as well as food and drink options. You can customize an organized itinerary based on your time and interests. However, the best feature may be the offline access. When traveling wifi can sometimes be scarce, but “Google Trips” will always be there to guide you.

Guides By Lonely Planet

lonely planet guides-app

Just like “Google Trips”, “Guides by Lonely Planet’s” best feature may be the offline access. Users are able to download city guides which are accessible offline once downloaded. Lonely Planet employ people who live all around the world, therefore, you are given the best tips on where to eat and things to do by locals. The app also offers a currency converter and phrasebook.



If you enjoy reading reviews before you spend your money at bar or restaurants this is the perfect app for you. “Yelp” meets “Google Maps” on “Sidekix”. This app offers downloadable city guides. As you explore a city, the app can also use GPS technology to recommend places of interest near you such as restaurants, museums, parks, and more. You are able to click on each place and read reviews. Unfortunately, the GPS feature uses data.



No one enjoys waiting in line at airport security. But, it’s necessary and if you aren’t careful all that waiting can make you late to your flight. Enter “MyTSA”. This app offers wait times at TSA for U.S. airports and shows flight delays across the country.

Cafe WiFi

travel apps

This app is currently only available for larger U.S. cities. However, it is pure gold. Many people try to avoid roaming charges and are left wandering the city visiting cafes, just for the WiFi. “Cafe WiFi” maps out all the local cafes and internet hot spots in the area so you don’t have to wander.