This Email Subscription Is The Key To Landing Crazy-Cheap International Flights

Finding good deals on international flights can sometimes entail hours of internet detective work, scouring google and various other sites as you jot down prices, hoping to find a combination that won’t break the bank. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, imagine how convenient it would be to get the best deals on international flights dropped directly into your inbox. With “Scott’s Cheap Flights,” that dream is now a reality!

Scott’s Cheap Flights is a newsletter that was created by Scott Keyes three years ago. The purpose of the newsletter is to show the cheapest deals on international flights at any given moment, and it’s usually updated as soon as the airlines offer new fares. While the deals vary, you can expect to save at least 50% on most of the flights offered in the newsletter.

The newsletter is more than just a list of flights and prices. You’ll also get a list of the corresponding travel dates, the participating airlines and the cities of departure. If you happen to see a trip you like, you can simply click on the link to the deal in Momondo or Google Flights—no need to go out and find the deal on your own.

As of now, Scott’s Cheap Flights has about 1.6 million subscribers. The newsletter got its start after Keyes found some deals on his own and then started to email similar findings to his friends and family. The simple hobby eventually turned into a newsletter.

It’s free to sign up for the newsletter and the company doesn’t receive any commissions, which should tell you that the deals listed are genuine and not part of some silent agreement between Keyes and the airlines. If you want to see even more deals, you can opt for a paid subscription, which will result in about three times as many flights as you get with the free version. The subscriptions cost $15 for three months or $39 for the year.

Signing up is easy. You simply put in your “home” airport and then all of the corresponding trips in the newsletter are custom-tailored for you. To sign up for yourself, go to