Here’s The Lowdown On Disney’s Recent Price Increases

Anyone who has ever tried to visit Disneyworld around the holidays knows that it is one of the busiest times of the year.  The crowds are massive, the wait times for the rides can get nearly astronomical, and trying to find an available room at a resort is nearly impossible.  If all that doesn’t scare you away, there’s something else you should know before booking a trip to Disneyworld this holiday season.

The prices have gone up.

It’s certainly not uncommon for theme parks to raise their prices (and when one hikes a price you can usually bet the others will soon follow).  Still, it helps to have a solid understanding of what those increases entail and what you’ll actually be paying.

The biggest change that has been made to the single day tickets is that everything is now dynamically priced.  Simply put, the price you pay for a single day ticket will depend on which day you actually plan to visit.  Speaking in general terms, you’re probably going to pay around $5 to $7 more for each 1-day ticket.  The only ticket that isn’t changing is the 1-day adult ticket to the Magic Kingdom on the major holidays—Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.  However, those are also the busiest days of the entire year so it may not be worth saving a few bucks.

Another big change has to do with multi-day tickets.  Previously, guests would have 14 consecutive days to use their tickets from the first date of use.  Now, guests will have a smaller window of time in which to visit the parks, so they’ll need to take more care in planning their visit.

The price increases aren’t just limited to single-day tickets.  Annual prices have gone up $45 for both of the tiers.  While that might make you cringe a bit, keep in mind that annual passes also come with free parking, and Disney has increased its parking fees, too!  Now you can expect to pay $25 to park (makes that $45 hike on an annual pass a little easier to stomach, doesn’t it?).