This Luggage Works As Both A Travel Essential And Workout Gear

Working out while traveling isn’t easy. First of all, the will to head down to the “fitness center” at your hotel can be tough to find in its own right. Plus, oftentimes the “fitness” center is nothing more than a treadmill and an inflatable workout ball. That’s not very motivational. There are plenty of “in-room” exercise you can do, but body weight workouts will only do so much for you. It really helps to have good equipment on hand for your workout.

Now you can have a solid piece of workout gear with you whenever you travel and you don’t have to pack a single extra thing.

EvolvedMotion offers a couple styles of backpacks that are not only great pieces of luggage, but they also double as a fantastic piece of workout gear.

The EmPack model is a top loading duffel that’s constructed with heavy duty Cordura Nylon, making it a great piece of durable luggage. You can also get up to four reservoirs, which you can then fill up with water, throw them inside your bag and get in a great weight training workout. Each reservoir will hold up to 15 pounds of water or, if you really want to get into beast-mode, you can pack them with up to 21 pounds of sand.

The Nomad Pack is a lot like the EmPack, but it’s smaller and designed to be used by trail runners. The construction is still stellar, and the pack will hold one reservoir and a standard 2-liter hydration pack. The Nomad hits the market in September and can be ordered in two different colors.

Osprey is a brand that knows great packs and their Trailkit is perfect for the traveler that plans to bring some exercise gear on the road with them. The Trailkit has multiple pockets and storage areas for tons of gear, plus you can easily get a weekend’s worth of clothing inside, too. Heavy duty handles make the pack easy to load up with some weights and use as a piece of gear in and of itself.