Luggage Recommendations For A Weekend Trip

While most of us would love to be able to take two weeks off and travel extensively, the reality is that we’re often confined to several weekend trips each year when it comes to our vacation plans. If, like us, you’re heading to the beach or the cabin for just a few days at a time, you won’t want to pack and haul your 32-inch rolling suitcase around. Instead, you’ll want a good weekender bag, and we’ve got some of the top recommendations for you.

Transport Weekender by Madewell

Madewell’s Transport Tote is an extremely popular bag, and this is just a larger version. It’s a classic design but offers plenty of space for the gear you’ll need for a weekend trip. The canvas version won’t break the bank, plus it will develop a really nice look over time and through use. It’s lighter weight than leather, but it will still hold up just as well.

Lacie Faux Leather Duffel Bag by Sole Society

Don’t let the “faux leather” in the title throw you off. This isn’t the old-school, cheap looking faux leather we remember from our youth. It truly has the look and feel of real leather without having to pay the same price. The design and color are pretty classic, so you can hang on to this one for quite some time.

Dipped Weekender by Everlane

The Everlane Dipped Weekender is ethically made and they’re really a gender-neutral bag, so you can pick one up for just about any member of the family. It’s roomy enough for a weekend’s worth of gear, but the bag itself is still compact that it will easily fit into an overhead storage compartment if you’re flying someplace for a few days.

On the Run Weekender Tote by Under Armour


This women’s weekender bag is just about as classic as you can get. The top opening allows you to stuff an obscene amount of stuff inside, plus it also comes with a lined pocket for your tablet and other electronics. The entire bag is also water repellent, so you don’t have to worry if you get caught in a deluge during your travels.