Genius Packing Hacks

No matter how long the trip, there never seems to be enough room for all the stuff you want to bring with you. Don’t worry, here are 14 packing hacks to create enough space for all your stuff as well as keeping everything organized and clean.

1. Waterproof your bag with items you already intend to pack. Line your suitcase with items such as rain boots, jackets, and plastic bags.
2. Keep everything fresh by adding adding a dryer sheet between clothing items. It will make your clothes smell good and static free!

travelfuntu - packing hacks

3. If you have a rolling suitcase, pack your heaviest items on the bottom. It will make the bag much easier to roll.
4. Pack bubble wrap. It will save space in your suitcase for souvenirs you may buy on your trip, and also is a great way to wrap and pack your new items.
5. Stuff your shoes. Shoes are a great place to stuff socks and underwear. That little space can go a long way.
6. Put a shower cap over your shoes. Therefore, any dirt or grim on your shoes won’t get on your clothes.
7. Plastic wrap your jewelry. Put your jewelry between to sheets of press ‘n seal plastic wrap so they do not get tangled in flight. Also, put smaller pieces of jewelry like rings in a pill case. Finally, earrings can be secured through placing them through the holes of a plastic button.

travelfuntu - packing hacks
8. Prevent liquids from seeping all over your bag with plastic wrap. Unscrew your cream or liquid and place a small piece of plastic wrap on the containers opening. Then, screw the cap back on. This will prevent any spillage if the lid pops open.
9. Keep all of your cords and earplugs inside an old sunglass case.
10. To prevent any cuts, if your razor doesn’t have a cap, clip a binder clip over it.
11. Use an empty lip balm tube as a secret place to stash emergency money.

travelfuntu - packing hacks
12. If you have a short trip, use contact cases to bring small amounts of your favorite products such as powder eye shadows or foundations.
13. Help shirt collars keep their shape, by packing your belt in the neck hole.
14. Use old prescription bottles to pack cotton swabs and use old tic-tac containers to store bobby pins.

Happy packing!