Top Recommendations For Solo Travelers Looking To Participate In Group Trips

Traveling solo has plenty of perks. For many, the biggest perk is simply being on your own with the ability to keep your own schedule and reflect on your thoughts. However, a little social interaction now and then never hurt anyone. That’s where an occasional side trip with a group can be a great refresher for solo travelers. Here are some of the best group trips you can take as a solo traveler.

Sail the Mediterranean Sea


Check out the company Med Sailors to book a trip aboard one of several sailboats or yachts that travel the Mediterranean Sea. You’ll share a bunk cabin with another traveler who is likely hoping the globe solo, just like you. The yachts visit Italy, Greece, Croatia and Turkey and you’ll have plenty of activities like wakeboarding and snorkeling to keep you busy while you socialize with other travelers.

Go on a Safari

EcoTraining specializes in training safari guides in South Africa. While the professional course is a year-long, they also offer weeklong trips at a fraction of the cost for those who want to see what it’s like to live among the animals in the wild bush of the Makuleke Concession. You’ll spend your days hiking the park and observing animals like elephants, rhinos, leopards and lions, while your nights will be spent camping in the wild under the stars.

Hike through Serbia

Much Better Adventures offers hiking and canyoneering trips in several parts of the world, including Serbia’s Valjevo mountains. More than half of the clients they book are single, so you’ll have no problem finding other solo travelers to swap stories with.

Attend a private party on a Greek island

Each year, Friendship Travel books the Apollon hotel on the Greek Island of Zante in its entirety, and the rooms are available just for singles. The hotel has a total of 24 rooms, plus a bar, restaurant and pool. You can be on the beach from your hotel room in seconds and a water park is just a few minutes’ walk away.