Southwest Airlines Raises Drink Prices

Southwest Airlines has long been a favorite for frequent fliers due to the affordable rates it’s become famous for. Passengers can enjoy other budget-friendly perks like no fees for carry-on and some checked baggage. However, those flyers who enjoy a cocktail mid-flight might have to start rethinking their travel budget. Earlier this month, Southwest announced that they’d be raising the rates for alcoholic drinks on board.

For a while now, travelers have enjoyed some pretty low prices for drinks during flights. As of the beginning of March, though, those prices have gone up $1-$2, depending on the drink. Before the increase, Southwest was serving $5 cocktails on all of its flights. When compared to other carriers, the new pricing is still pretty darned competitive. While a $5 cocktail is nice, $6 to $7 still isn’t the end of the world.

According to the new Southwest menu, wine drinkers will fare the best as far as the new prices go. You’ll still be able to get a glass of your favorite wine for $6. Beer and liquor are a bit higher, at $7 for the premium beers, but you can still snag a Miller Lite or Dos Equis for $6.

Southwest hasn’t changed the prices of its in-flight drinks since 2009, and the prices are still very competitive. In short, there’s still not much of a reason to complain.

Like any other business, air travel prices are bound to go up as carriers acquire more overhead. Southwest’s drink prices aren’t the first or only fees that have gone up either. In 2016, the airline started charging $15 for its Early Bird Check-in Feature when booking tickets. The next time you travel on Southwest and don’t feel like waiting for your group to board, you’ll also have a new option for a $50 last minute upgrade fee.

It’s a natural first reaction to get up in arms whenever we hear that a major service provider like Southwest Airlines has raised their prices. However, at the end of the day, a $1-$2 increase every nine years or so isn’t really that big of a deal.