Stuck at the Airport With Nothing to Do? How to Pass the Time Brilliantly

As a regular traveler, you’ve been in this position. Your flight got delayed, your best friend could only drop you off at the airport at a certain time, or god forbid you overestimated how long it would take to go through security. So here you are with your carry-on, starting to aimlessly wander around the airport wondering how you’ll be able to do to keep yourself occupied.

Naturally, you left your laptop at home, having decided that it was high time you go on a tech detox on your long weekend in Prague. And why not, after all, it’s a good an idea as any…until you’re going through social media withdrawal by the time you’ve taken off your shoes for TSA. So browsing Netflix just isn’t an option. But we’ve figured out all the tips and tricks to keep yourself amused until you can lazily line up to board your flight, all the while pretending like you timed your airport process perfectly.

Stuck at the Airport With Nothing to Do? How to Pass the Time Brilliantly

One terrific way to kill at least half an hour is to do some yoga or at least stretching. Yes, people will stare at you, but this is as good an opportunity as any to practice a death stare of your own on the hick wearing a neck pillow while browsing the duty-free section. But your body will thank you, especially if you have a long-haul flight ahead. Your body will get incredibly stiff and sore sitting on the plane for eight-plus hours, so it’s best to give it a nice treat in preparation for the torture ahead. Some good stretches to do are forward bends for your lower back and calves, downward dogs for your hamstrings, and bridges for your shoulders and chest. The breathing involved will also soothe any flight anxiety you may be experiencing.

Another great way to spend the time is to buy a book at the Hudson’s. This seems too easy, but hear us out. You’ll find a treasure or two of the huge Dan Brown and Sophie Kinsella displays. Call us old fashioned, but we love a travel guide. Some of the best tips and tricks are in the Lonely Planet books, which will also help you plan your trip while you wait. Loved the food in Bali? Lucky for you, most airport bookstores stock at least a couple of local cookbooks in various languages.

Stuck at the Airport With Nothing to Do? How to Pass the Time Brilliantly

A tried and true time passing method is hitting the airport bar. But drinking before flying is meant to be bad for you right? Well, yes and no. If you do indulge in a couple of Bloody Marys, make sure you’ve got enough time to sober up before hopping on the plane. Otherwise, your GI system will howl in protest, leading to a highly uncomfortable flight. Airport bars are also an excellent opportunity to taste some local wines and beers, so step away from the Heineken and try something new! 

In fact, while you’re relaxing at the bar, why not take the time to talk to a stranger? We’re sure it’s been a while since you’ve gotten the chance to tell your story, so why not invest some time in making a new friend? And hey, there’s a slight chance that they’ll be on your flight, which will give you someone to speak with instead of your annoying neighbor.

No matter how you choose to pass the time, try to remember that this plight is very much temporary and that no one back home will truly feel sorry for you when you complain about having been stuck at LAX for 5 hours.