Tips For Avoiding Sickness While Traveling

By now, everyone knows the threat that traveling (and specifically air travel) presents in terms of sickness. With all of those people crammed into a steel tube, breathing the same air, it’s easy to see how germs can be spread so quickly. It’s unfortunate, too, because nothing can ruin a trip you’ve planned a long time for quicker than coming down with a nasty flu when you should be lying on the beach. There are some ways you can minimize your chances of getting sick, and it’s gonna take more than just popping a couple of Airborne (although that certainly won’t hurt your chances). Here are some tips for staying healthy while traveling.

Watch What You Touch On The Plane

Airplanes are actually pretty filthy. Furthermore, they don’t get cleaned nearly as thoroughly as you might think between flights. That means there are a lot of surfaces that are full of germs from the countless passengers who sat in your seat (or used the lavatory) before you. One of the worst places for these germs is the seatback pocket in front of you. While it’s tempting to stick your personal belongings in there, consider what you’ll be taking with you when you disembark.

Watch What You Eat

Food poisoning is perhaps the worst culprit when it comes to diseases that can ruin your vacation. Depending on where you’re traveling in the world, the foods you eat and the water your drink could very easily make you seriously ill if you’re not careful. So, try to only drink bottled water and make sure the food you consume is thoroughly cooked and prepared in legitimate establishments.

Take It Easy

Avoiding sickness while traveling is a matter of ratios. The more places you visit, the more forms of transportation you take, the more germs you’re likely to come in contact with, and the higher your chances of getting sick. People want to see as many sites as they can, especially if they’re hopping between multiple cities or countries during their trip. But, if you can live with slowing down a bit and keeping your travel plans more relaxed, your odds of staying healthy and enjoying the rest of your vacation are much greater.

Plan For Recovery Time

Finally, plan to take a day or two to relax from your vacation after you get back home. Too many people plan and execute an amazing vacation, only to get back to work and their hectic lives the day after they’ve flown home. Those same people are often down with a wicked illness by the end of the week. Plan for a recovery day or two after you arrive back home. It will give you a chance to unpack, unwind, and get your body back in check before starting up the hectic day-to-day schedule you’re used to.