Tips For Getting All Of Your Vacation Necessities Into One Carry-On Bag

Being able to fit all of your vacation necessities into one carry-on bag has a ton of benefits. For one thing, if you don’t check a bag you don’t have to worry about your bag being lost. Even a few hours without your luggage because of an airline mishap can put a serious kink in your vacation plans. Plus, if you don’t check a bag you won’t have to pay any of those ever-increasing checked bag fees that all airlines have. Here some tips for getting all of your vacation items into one carry-on bag.

The first mistake many travelers make is that they don’t take advantage of all the carry-on room that most airlines actually allow. Remember that most airlines will allow you to bring a carry-on bag and one personal item. If you make that personal item a briefcase or backpack with plenty of room (but one that will still fit under the seat in front of you), you’ve actually got quite a bit of storage to play with.

While it’s not the most stylish choice for many, you can wear a travel vest onto the plane and essentially get a third carry-on by way of a garment. It’s also much easier to get through TSA checkpoints. Simply take the vest off and throw it on the conveyor belt.

Plan ahead and see if you can rent or buy items once you arrive at your destination. A good example is snorkeling equipment. Unless you happen to have a mask with prescription lenses there’s really no reason you couldn’t rent all of your diving equipment once you get to your vacation spot.

In terms of clothing, consider wearing your bulkiest items onto the plane, that way you have more room inside your carry-on bag for other items. There are plenty of lightweight, packable down jackets on the market today so that you can take care of your cold weather needs by simply stuffing a jacket into the corner of your bag.

Also, don’t be afraid to do a little laundry while you’re on your trip. Most hotels and resorts have services. You can always pack a clean shirt for each day of your trip, but you can likely re-wear shirts and pants. Pack clothes that can easily be mixed and matched and that wash and dry quickly.