Top Recommendations For Weekender Bags

While most of us can’t argue that a long, destination vacation is pretty hard to beat, we don’t always have time to take a week or two off work in order to rejuvenate ourselves. In some cases, a quick trip over a weekend is all we can get, and those quick little jaunts often make the best memories. When it comes to packing for a weekend trip, few pieces of luggage serve the role better than the aptly-named “weekender” bag. When it comes to weekender bags, you want something that looks great but will also hold up over many years of abuse. Here are some of our top recommendations.

The Twill Weekender

By Everlane

Top Recommendations For Weekender Bags

Everlane has established a pretty solid reputation when it comes to luggage, and the Twill Weekender keeps the legacy going. The bag comes in a variety of timeless colors, from golden brown to navy. What’s best about the bag, though, is the 100% water-resistant cotton construction. That, combined with the leather handles, means that this bag will keep your clothes dry even in the hardest downpours and it will keep doing it for years to come.

Medium Duffle Bag

By Filson

Top Recommendations For Weekender Bags

If you’re looking for something a little more stylish but you still want to maintain a look that screams rugged outdoors, the Filson Medium Duffle Bag is a great choice. The bag’s twill fabric is water-resistant so it will hold up to some rugged conditions. However, the bag’s leather trim and brass hardware give it a stylish touch of elegance that will make you look great when you’re carrying it into the wilderness lodge for a weekend getaway.

Black Hole Duffle Bag

By Patagonia

Top Recommendations For Weekender Bags

If you want something that is sportier and more built for outdoor adventures, the Patagonia Black Hole Duffle will deliver the goods. The bag is water-resistant and comes with several storage pockets. The shoulder straps are also padded, so if you’re going to be doing a bit of hiking before arriving at your lodging for the weekend this bag is an excellent choice.