Translation Apps To Make Foreign Travel Easier

Traveling abroad is always an amazing experience. However, if the country does not speak your native language, you may face some obstacles. Luckily, thanks to smart phones and modern technology developers have created some amazing translation apps.


Price: Free
Not only does TripLingo have a voice translator but it has many other helpful features. The app has a culture guide with an interactive common phrase book, and crash courses on local culture and etiquette. It also includes local emergency information and medical phrases. Finally, it has travel tools such as a currency converter and tip calculator.

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Microsoft Translator

Price: Free
Microsoft Translator translates from speech, text and picture. The app works for 60 different languages, and allows you to download languages to translate while you are offline. The app also has a Smartwatch app for easier accessibility.

iTranslate Voice 3

Price: $6.99
iTranslate Voice 3 is the perfect app for people who travel abroad frequently. You speak into your phone and the app translates your message into one of the 42 languages available. You can also look up definition of common words and phrases also using your voice.

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Google Translate

Price: Free
Google Translate is already one of the most popular translation apps. Available for both iOS and Android, it has several appealing features. Its typed translation feature works with 103 different languages, 52 of which work offline. They also recently expanded by adding the word lens feature. Users can point their phone to. a nearby sign or txt and the Word Lens instantly translate it with an AR text overlay.


Price: Free
Although this is only helpful to Spanish speakers, this app is at the beginning of its development stages and certainly worth keeping your eye on. Spanish speakers can now catch a movie at any english speaking theater. MyLingo partnered with Sony, Paramount, and Disney to bring real-time translation to movie theaters. Users must download the audio track before the film begins and press play once the credits are over. The app was recently launched and used for the first time for Disney’s Moana.

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