Best Companies That Pay Their Employees To Take Vacations

If you love to travel and by some chance you haven’t picked a career path in your life yet, you might want to consider going to work for a company that will pay you to go on vacation. While that entire concept might seem a little farfetched, rest assured knowing that there are companies who will provide financial assistance to their employees when they take vacations. Here are some of the best travel companies to look at if you’d like to get paid to go on vacation.


Airbnb has become one of the top sites for those looking to get a deal on accommodations. However, it’s not just the customers who can reap the financial rewards that Airbnb has to offer. The employees that work for the company also get a handful of travel coupons to use each year, and they collectively add up to about $2,000.


BambooHR is a company that focuses on software designed to assist HR departments. The employees that work for the company get $2,000 each year that they can put toward travel.



Evernote is the organization app that helps busy people keep their lives in check. They also happen to be a pretty sweet company to work for. When it comes to travel, they give their employees unlimited vacation days and an additional $1,000 for travel-related expenses.


You’re probably not surprised to see Expedia on a list of companies with some stellar travel perks for its employees. If employees book through Expedia, they get some pretty substantial discounts on a wide variety of optional products. Expedia will also reimburse certain travel expenses each year up to $750.


FullContact takes the grand prize when it comes to companies who offer travel perks to its employees. They offer their team members an insane $7,500 per year to travel on!  (You might want to make sure they’re actually hiring before you send that resignation email you’re thinking about right now.)


Moz is a software company that specializes in marketing, and they offer a pretty juicy travel incentive package to their employees as well. Employees get three weeks of paid vacation days, another week of sick time, 10 additional paid holidays, and $3,000 they can use toward vacation reimbursement.