Tips For Traveling And Using Credit Cards

Credit cards are an extremely convenient and useful resource to have on hand while traveling. That probably comes as no surprise, as most of us use credit and debit cards more than cash these days, regardless of whether we’re traveling or not. However, using credit cards while on vacation can come with some surprises that can quickly lead to frustration. Here are some tips for traveling and using your credit cards with no hassles.

Let Your Banks Know You’ll Be Travelling

The good news is that most banks and credit card providers have pretty stellar fraud-prevention measures in place so if your cards happen to get stolen they’ll quickly freeze your account and let you know something suspicious is going on with your account. The bad news is that if you travel outside of the country without notifying them you’ll likely run into an issue when you try to use your cards. After all, if you live in Houston and suddenly there’s a charge for a dinner in Marrakech it’s likely to send up a red flag.

Most banks will allow you to submit travel plans online, but if your particular institution doesn’t offer this feature simply give them a call. Do it in advance of your trip, as many banks take several days to input your travel plans.

Set Up Notifications On Your Mobile Device

While constantly getting alerts on your phone throughout your normal, daily life can be annoying, getting them while you’re on vacation can help give you some peace of mind that nothing crazy is going on with your finances while you’re vacationing.

Review Your Pin Numbers And Daily Limits

You’ll probably be using an ATM often when vacationing, so it’s time to submit your pin number to memory and ditch that worn out “cheat sheet” in your wallet or purse. Also, know what your daily spending and withdrawal limits are so you won’t have any surprises when you elect to pick up the check.

Know The Exchange Rates And Carry Enough Cash

It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the currency exchange rate for whatever country you’ll be visiting. Also, you should know that these rates, as well as ATM fees, can be insane in some countries, so if you’re able to get foreign cash through your bank in the States prior to traveling you’ll save a LOT in fees!