Best U.S. Craft Brewery Tours

There is never a bad time for a nice, refreshing beer. However, it gets even better when you’re getting it straight from the source. Breweries across the United States allow visitors to take a sneak peak of how their beers are created. Visits not only normally consist of a guided tour of the brewing process, but also a tasting. However, some breweries go above and beyond in their tours.


Stone Brewing Company (Escondido, CA)

Stone Brewing Company offers tours in 3 different locations: Escondido (California), Richmond (Virginia) and Berlin (Germany). All three offer great insights into one of the fastest-growing breweries in the country. However, on top of learning about and sampling some delicious ales, the Escondido location also has a breath-taking boulder garden. Sip your beer as you walk along the boulder garden that contains over 250 boulders. Also, add something extra to your brew like a BBQ duck taco or almost-crusted tilapia at the brewery’s bistro.

Brooklyn Brewery (Brooklyn, NY)

Brooklyn Brewery is one of the few craft breweries left in the Brooklyn area. Located in a former matzo ball factory, the Brooklyn Brewery straddles Willamsburg and Greenpoint. There are a wide-variety of tour options but we suggest visiting on Sunday for the SmorgasBrewery event.

brooklyn brewery

Yuengling Brewing (Pottsville, PA)

Yuengling is United State’s oldest Brewery. Located just outside of Philadelphia, Yuengling Brewery has been creating delicious, frothy beverages since 1829. Take a tour of this brewery and learn how it has survived for 5 generations through times such as the Great Depression and even Prohibition. One highlight of the tour (that is certainly unique to the brewery) is the hand-dug fermentation caves.

Dogfish Head Brewery (Milton, DE)

Dogfish Head Brewery will not disappoint, beginning with the exterior of the building. As you walk upon the brewery, you feel as though you are about to enter a fun house. The exterior features a steampunk treehouse and a giant Bunyan’s lunchbox. The fun continues inside with 4 beer samples with every tour.

Dogfish Head Brewery

Samuel Adams (Boston, Massachusetts)

Samuel Adams Boston Lager, many may say is not a craft beer. However, just because it has become so wildly popular doesn’t change the fact that Samuel Adams actually jumpstarted the craft brewery scene. This brewery offers first-come, first-serve tours. However, we suggest going early, for the Morning Mash-in Tour, where visitors can taste exclusive experimental beers.