Tourist Guide: London’s Mayfair and Marylebone Neighborhoods

Far more folks have heard of Hyde Park than Mayfair, even though they’re neighbors. However, Mayfair has its share of eclectic haunts, from quaint shops and restaurants to its Georgian townhouses.  The real gem of Mayfair really isn’t in Mayfair at all. It’s the neighboring community of Marylebone.

Even though it’s right in the center of London, Marylebone is chock-full of little treasures, just waiting to be discovered during your next weekend or day trip. In both Marylebone and Mayfair, you’ll find a number of small pubs and restaurants, as well as some of the more glamorous eateries, making for a truly “complete” London dining experience.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the best eateries and shops in both neighborhoods:


Gymkhana London

What makes Gymkhana in Mayfair so unique is that it truly resembles the old Colonial gymkhana clubs. This eatery is beautifully decorated with dark wood paneling and stone walls. The menu is full of spicy, fragrant Indian dishes like lotus root chaat, venison kheema naan and masala peanut.

Prince Regent

The Prince Regent London

The Prince Regent is what most people would think of when trying to picture a traditional English pub–gorgeous chandeliers, mirrors everywhere and giant artwork. The menu consists of English staples like fish and chips, lamb shank and shepherd’s pie. The ingredients are sourced from local artisans and farms.

The Beaumont

The Beaumont London

The luxuriousness of The Beaumont comes by way of its elegant bar and restaurant and Art Deco feel. The traditional Turkish bath on the premises and an ice cream only menu make this a must if you visit the Mayfair area.

The Wolsely

The Wolsely London

This little restaurant offers up some of the best sandwiches you’ll find in all of London, and the coffee is to die for. It is also one of the premier spots in the city for people watching.

Daunt Books

Daunt Books London

Ok, so it’s not exactly a pub or restaurant, but this bookstore in Marylebone should be a “must see” on your list. It has a huge selection of books from travel selections to history, poetry and non-fiction choices.