Travel Spotlight: Chile

Chile serves as the Western border of South America, extending nearly 2,600 miles and offering up a multitude of climates from deserts to glaciers. It also happens to be an amazing vacation destination. Here’s a look at this great country and some inside information on getting the most out of a visit.

As mentioned above, Chile is a very long country, with multiple latitudes. This makes it a possible destination all year round. The South American summer usually runs from November to March, so that’s when you’ll find the warmest temperatures. Spring and fall offer some fantastic temperatures and very little rainfall, while winter is considered the rainy season.

If you plan to travel to Chile, your only real option is to fly into the Arturo Merino Benitez airport in Santiago. Once in Santiago, you can essentially fly to any other destination in the country. Getting around on the ground can be done in any number of ways, from bus transport to cars and taxis. Chile offers some pretty good paved roads throughout most of the country except for the Patagonia region.

Chile is a food lover’s dream!  The food is very traditional and rustic. Fish and seafood is a major component of the dishes, and you can find everything from freshly-made ceviche to whole baked fish and bouillabaisse. Meat is also a major part of the Chilean diet, and you’ll find no shortage of barbecues and steakhouses throughout most of the country.

The Chilean culture is one of the biggest draws for travelers. The villages are quaint and picturesque, and there’s plenty of wildlife to encounter. The bigger metropolitan areas offer up the kind of vibe you’d expect in large cities. Churches are a big deal in Chile, and some of the best can be seen on the island of Chiloe. Wine is also a major commodity in the country, and the fall is the best time to visit if you want to experience wine country. Depending on when you visit, you can see all sorts of traditional festivals and religious celebrations throughout the country, from costumed carnivals to festivals that focus strictly on food.