The Best Places To Travel To In March

March is a special month, especially if you have travel plans. For many parts of the globe, this is the time of year where winter starts making its exit and spring is welcomed back with open arms. There are plenty of exciting events happening all over the world during the month of March and for many destinations, the weather has already made the transition. Here’s a look at some of the best travel destinations for the month of March.



Florida has plenty of great destinations to visit during the month of March. The state is one of the biggest Spring Break destinations in the world so you can bet that the majority of those spots will be crowded. One of the lesser-known spots in the Sunshine state is Sarasota. This town is a fantastic March destination for anyone looking to finally shrug off the chilly winter blues. It’s right on the Gulf of Mexico, so you’ll find plenty of white sand beaches. Go a little further inland and you’ll find all sorts of rivers and lagoons that can be explored via kayak. There are plenty of venues offering countless touristy activities, including Spring Training baseball.

Rio de Janeiro


March is probably the best month out of the year to visit Rio de Janeiro, especially if you’re looking to party. That’s because the city’s famous Carnival happens this month, from March 1st through the 9th. The weather is plenty warm, and when you’re not partying it up in the streets, you can enjoy all of the natural beauty that Rio has to offer, from beautiful beaches to rainforests to mountains. It’s important to understand that this city is going to be BUSY this month, though. Carnival is arguably the biggest party on the planet, and the city usually sees around 2 million people hitting the streets for the festivities.



Valencia is Spain’s third-largest city. March is an excellent month to visit, too, because there are plenty of festivals and activities happening. Las Fellas happens over five days in the middle of the month and celebrates the artistry of creating huge figurines. The figures can be made from any material—from wood to paper mâché. Valencia is also the home of the famous Spanish dish Paella, which combines rice and beans with everything from seafood to rabbit. With a food pedigree like that, if eating is your idea of great vacation Valencia is a must-visit.