Hate Germs? This Packable Robot Can Actually Kill Any Leftover Germs In Your Hotel Bed.

Everyone loves a good vacation, but if you have a “thing” about germs, you can spend the bulk of that vacation freaking out over your 4-star hotel room instead of actually enjoying it. If you’ve never stayed in a hotel or Airbnb that fell below your standards, give it some time—it’s bound to happen eventually. The good news is that technology is constantly evolving, and a recent development in the travel gadget industry might just save you from some unnecessary stress during your next hotel stay.

Theirs is currently a patent pending on a device called CleanseBot. This little robot is small enough to easily pack in your carryon luggage but it packs a big punch against germs. It’s designed to use a UV light to sanitize any number of surfaces, including hotel beds!  CleanseBot was first presented on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo at the beginning of January. In less than a month, people had donated more than $1.3 million to the project. That just goes to show you how many germaphobes are on the planet!

The little robot packs a serious punch, too. According to independent studies, CleanseBot can kill 99.9% of germs, including the always disgusting E. coli.

CleanseBot features three different settings that can be configured to perform multiple functions that even the most critical germophobe can appreciate.  One setting can be automatically configured so that you can leave the robot under sheets for half an hour to sixty minutes. There is also a setting so that the device can be used by hand to cleanse smaller items that tend to be germ magnets in hotel rooms. From alarm clocks to the TV remote, this setting will decimate those pesky, microscopic critters!  The final mode is set when you want to charge the device, which can run for up to four hours before you need to use this setting.

The CleanseBot is expected to retail for around $260, though the folks who supported it on Indiegogo will be able to get it at a pretty good discount. It’s expected to be available for purchase by April of this year.