LAX To Install A “Smart” Bathroom In One Of Its Terminals

Los Angeles International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. An average three-quarters of a billion passengers fly through the hub every year! With that number in mind, consider how many people use the restroom at LAX. If you’re a germophobe there’s a good chance you’re hyperventilating at this point. However, LAX may have a reason for you to catch your breath. Early in April, the airport launched a project that might just result in the cleanest airport bathroom you’re likely to ever experience.

LAX entered a partnership with two tech companies to create what can only be called a “smart restroom” in terminal four. This particular terminal serves passengers who fly American Eagle, Qantas, and American Airlines.

One of the partner companies, Infax, uses technology to digitally keep tabs on the number of passengers who enter and leave the restroom. It will also collect data regarding how frequently the restroom is cleaned and if there is an employee immediately available to clean it. After a preset number of people use the restroom, the Infax system will automatically send a notification to the cleaning crew so they can clean the restroom. The technology also serves as a way for supervisors to monitor the activities of their team.

Tooshlights, the other company involved in the project, focuses on the efficiency involved in a restroom break. The company has installed lights above each stall, which will indicate whether or not the stall is occupied. Green means it’s available, red means occu-pot-o. This will make it quicker and easier for passengers to find an available stall, and it will eliminate the uncomfortable task of trying to peek under the stall door for feet.

Representatives for LAX are excited about the new pilot program. They believe it will make for a much better guest experience and allow them to better control and service their restrooms. As of now, the plan is to only incorporate the technology in the one restroom in terminal four, but if it proves to be successful, we may see additional “smart” restrooms not only throughout LAX but also multiple international airports throughout the world.