Now You Can Get A Tattoo Onboard Your Next Cruise Ship

Nothing caps off an epic cruise vacation like coming home with the perfect souvenir. If you’ve been on several cruises your mementos have probably varied over the years. You can buy the perfect “ship photo” to put up next to your other family photos, or maybe the perfect souvenir is actually that duty-free camera lens you picked up in the Virgin Islands. Whatever your souvenir collection looks like, you will soon be able to add something more permanent.

Virgin Voyages has a maiden voyage scheduled for 2020, and part of their unique offerings on the inaugural ship is the first on-board tattoo parlor on any ship in the world. Passengers will have the option to get tattoos while under sail, and that’s a pretty unique souvenir for any traveler!

When you stop to think about the history of sea voyages, a tattoo parlor actually makes sense. For centuries, sailors have been getting inked while living a life on the seas. Virgin Voyages has fully embraced the tradition. They are promoting the onboard tattoo parlor as the best way for sailors to commemorate their first voyage on the new ship.

The popular form of tattooing as we know it today was brought back by sailors who had visited some of the indigenous tribes of the South Pacific islands. Getting inked while on a cruise ship is just an extension of that time-honored tradition.

The tattoo studio on board the ship will be called “Squid Ink” (which, you have to admit, it pretty perfect). It will be run by Lou Rubino Jr., who is a pillar in the industry, having created both World Famous Tattoo Ink and Freshly Inked magazine. Rubino will personally select the artists who will work in the studio on board the ship, and there are plans to have celebrity “guest” artists join the team from time to time.

The artists will be able to create just about anything that a guest might have in mind, but like most other studios on land, they’ll have a wide assortment of tattoos that guests can choose from to commemorate their trip.