Travel Destination Spotlight: Iceland

Despite its name, there is much more to Iceland than just ice. A trip to Iceland can bring views of beautiful glaciers, national parks, lava fields, and waterfalls. You can find plenty of local treats like cafes, mineral pools, and boutiques that sell plenty of authentic Scandinavian products. Depending on the time of year you visit, you can relax under an enchanting red sun at midnight or the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis. If Iceland is on your vacation radar, here are some things to consider when planning your trip.

First off, decide what time of year you want to visit. June to August is the top tourist season because of the nearly 24 hours of daylight and warm weather. If your travel dates are flexible, mid-September thru mid-October is probably the best travel window. You’ll miss the busy tourist season, and you’ll still be there before the heavy snowfall. Plus, this time of year offers a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights. You can certainly still visit during the winter, but be prepared for some severe weather and lots of darkness. On the plus side, the off-season offers some really great deals for lodging and activity.

Recent travel trends have led to a lot of bargain, transatlantic airfare on the market. Look at airlines like Icelandair and Wow Air for some fantastic deals if flying from a major U.S. city. Once you arrive in Iceland, renting a car is probably your best bet for exploring. In fact, Route 1 will allow you drive a loop around the entire country. While there are some off-roading experiences to be had, use caution and common sense before venturing down any unproven roads.

Once upon a time, you could travel to Iceland pretty cheaply, thanks to an economic crash. The value of the Kronur has climbed back up, though, and now you can expect to spend a good amount on food and cocktails. Reykjavik is a big tourist city, but after a couple of days in a metropolis, you might want to venture out and visit some of Iceland’s smaller villages that are dispersed around the coast.