Travel Spotlight: Copenhagen

When it comes to attractions, we often hear things described as “fun for all ages.”  It’s not often that a vacation destination is described that way, but that’s exactly how we’d describe Copenhagen. From gorgeous gardens and museums to hipster hangouts and bohemian bars, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the Danish capital. Here’s a look at where you should stay, where you should eat, and what you should do while visiting Copenhagen.

Where To Stay

Royal Copenhagen, A Radisson Collection Hotel

Travel Spotlight: Copenhagen

The first thing you’ll notice about this hotel is the minimalistic design. It certainly wasn’t by accident. The hotel was designed to be an homage to the first skyscraper built in Copenhagen back in 1960. All of the furniture is done in the sleek, Danish design we’ve come to expect. The location of the hotel is perfect. It’s right across the street from Tivoli Gardens. The views from most of the rooms are excellent, too.

Where To Eat


Travel Spotlight: Copenhagen

When it comes to dining out while on vacation, you want something that highlights the regional cuisine but isn’t going to be slammed with reservations, forcing you to book months in advance. AOC fits the bill on both fronts. It’s definitely off the beaten path, as it’s located in the basement of a brick building and those walking by on the street could very easily miss it. The cuisine perfect captures Copenhagen fare, and to top it off, the restaurant has received not one, but two Michelin stars. When it comes to amazing, regional cuisine without the crowds, it doesn’t get any better than this.

What To Do

Tivoli Gardens

Travel Spotlight: Copenhagen

It might seem cliché to visit an amusement park while on vacation, but Tivoli Gardens is a definite exception. First of all, it’s one of the oldest in the world. It has welcomed visitors since the 19th century, and it actually inspired Walt Disney after he visited long ago. The park combines gorgeous horticulture with the excitement of roller coasters, so it’s a perfect destination if you happen to have a party that has varying interests.