Travel Spotlight: Edinburgh

Scotland’s capital city has a lot to offer travelers. The gorgeous, gothic buildings are reason enough to visit, but there’s plenty more than just 12th-century architecture to entice you. From art festivals to an amazing dining scene, you’ll find both old-world charm and new and creative forms of entertainment. In fact, Edinburgh might just be the hottest capital city in all of Europe right now. Here’s a look at where you should stay, where you should eat, and what you should do when visiting Edinburgh.

Where To Stay

The Edinburgh Grand

Travel Spotlight: Edinburgh

If the hotel amenities aren’t enough to make booking worth it, the location definitely is. The Edinburgh Grand is located in one of the most bustling and stylish areas of the city. The hotel was, once upon a time, a bank, and it gives the lobby a unique and striking look. Black and white marble flooring and a spiral stairwell make the architecture of the hotel one of its biggest features. The rooms are gorgeous, too, and you can find everything from studio rooms to a three-bedroom penthouse, which comes with one of the best views in the entire city.

Where To Eat


Travel Spotlight: Edinburgh

Fhior hasn’t even been open for a year yet, but it’s already become one of the hottest restaurants in the city. It’s located on Broughton Street, which could easily be called “restaurant row,” so it’s got plenty of competition. The dishes are pretty modern, but you’ll still find some staples on the menu, and everything is delicious. Plus, the restaurant prides itself on its sustainability efforts. Delicious and responsible—it doesn’t get much better than that.

What To Do

National Museum of Scotland

Travel Spotlight: Edinburgh

You’ll find no shortage of things to do while visiting Edinburgh and you won’t be able to cover everything. One thing you absolutely shouldn’t skip, though, is the National Museum of Scotland. It’s free to get into and you’ll find more info on the country than you could possibly imagine. Exhibits range from ancient Egyptian artifacts to the remains of Dolly the sheep—the first-ever cloned animal. Since it’s free, the museum can get a bit crowded, so plan to go on a weekday if crowds aren’t your thing.