5 January Travel Destination Recommendations

January is a fantastic time to take a trip. Why?  First off, it’s personally satisfying. There’s a good chance you had a nice little holiday break from work or school, and there’s an even better chance that you dread the thought of having to jump right back into the grind after the New Year rolls around. So don’t!

January also happens to be one of the best month’s to travel. You can find some really great deals on both hotels and flights this time of year, plus you won’t find a lot of crowds at some of the world’s biggest destinations. Obviously, weather can be a big factor this time of year, depending on where you travel, but there are plenty of great spots that still have perfect weather. Here are 5 of the best January travel destinations.



Miami has long been a winter travel destination, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon. This year, Miami is a great place to go because there are a few newly opened hotels that will likely have rooms available in January. The 1 Hotel South Beach and Faena Hotel Miami are two spots you should definitely consider when booking your lodging.



December vs. January in Bali is like night and day. It’s nearly impossible to find a room over the holiday season, but come January the crowds usually clear out. Check out the Ritz Carlton Reserve in Mandapa for some amazing rooms, views, and service deep in the jungle.

Palm Springs


Palm Springs is a fantastic location for spotting celebrities lounging by the pool. Like the other locations on the list, January should offer far more vacancies than other times of the year. Check out the newly built L’Horizon Palm Springs or Parker Palm Springs for your stay.


Nicaragua has near perfect weather in January, making it an ideal spot for those suffering from cabin fever. If you’re looking to get into surfing, the waves in January are perfect, too. When visiting, try to book one of the 37 rooms at Mukul for an amazing resort experience.



If warm weather and beaches aren’t your thing, embrace winter in all of its glory with a ski trip. But why not skip the typical winter resorts and ski in Japan?  Hokkaido offers some of the best powder in Japan, and it’s perfect this time of year. Plus, Japan’s currency is still pretty weak against many other nations’ currency, so it’s a pretty affordable getaway.