Scariest Haunted Houses In America – Part II

We’re halfway through October, which means you only have a few more weeks left to get in all the ghouls, screams and candy corn you want. Each year “Hauntworld”, publishes its top haunted houses in the United States. We already featured 5-10 here, which will definitely give you a fright. But the houses ranked fourth through first will chill you to the bone.

4. Erebus (Pontiac, Michigan)

Erebus is a science experiment gone wrong, where the visitors are human guinea pigs. Erebus boasts over a 1/2 mile indoor walk where the monsters and ghouls may grab, bite or “bury you alive”. The haunt’s website states “On average over 500 people chicken out and 75 people wet themselves (confirmed wettings by managers) per year.” However, if you are looking for something a little less scary, Erebus also runs an escape room.


3. The Dent Schoolhouse (Cincinnati, Ohio)

The Dent Schoolhouse is located inside an actual haunted schoolhouse that was built in the 1800s. The Dent Schoolhouse boasts life-like scenes and state of the art animatronics. New for 2017, is a massive catacomb made of 4,000 skulls that ends with a frightening surprise. Insider tip: If you are afraid of clowns, we suggest avoiding this attraction.

13th gate

2. The 13th Gate (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

The lines between horror and reality are blurred at this extremely realistic haunt. The attraction features a real snake-infested Louisiana Swamp, nightly voodoo shows, claustrophobic cellars, hidden subterranean passages and even a prehistoric ice cave. Don’t miss the Necropolis Haunted Cemetery, a 40,000-square-foot outdoor New Orleans style cemetery that has over 400 zombie-infested crypts and mausoleums that guests can explore.


1. Netherworld (Atlanta, Georgia)

Hauntworld’s scariest haunted attraction for 2017 is Netherworld in Atlanta, Georgia. The Netherworld is sensory overload from the second visitors walk through the entrance. Flying stunt actors, hundreds of special effects, massive puppets and breathtaking sets leave visitors scared and in awe. New for 2017 is “Primal Scream, an all out war as nature seeks savage vengeance against both mankind and the Netherworld for the evils both have unleashed on the planet! Then in the dark basement, Mr. Grendel’s Funhouse of Horrors in 3D rolls into town…it’s a twisted clown fueled nightmare as ancient fiends disguised as clowns seek human flesh!” Netherworld also has several escape games for visitors enjoyment.