Want To visit 7 U.S. National Parks In A Week Via Private Jet?

There’s no doubt that visiting one of America’s National Parks is a great trip to take this spring or summer. But could you visit more than one?  You probably can. What about seven?  Unless you’ve got a LOT of time on your hands and don’t mind driving, visiting seven national parks this summer is no easy feat. Well, the adventure company Under Canvas is making that feat achievable, and what’s more, they’re doing it in just seven days. That’s right—with Under Canvas you can now visit seven of America’s iconic National Parks in just seven days. Oh yeah, and you’ll do it all from a private jet.

Under Canvas operates luxury campsites in places like Yosemite, and starting this spring they’ve partnered with StraightLine Private Air to create their package that sends guests to 7 parks in 7 days. The package includes not only the 7 parks but also 4 luxury camping locations and the plane trip.

If you book, a representative with Under Canvas will work with you directly to ensure you get the most out of your trip. You’ll visit the Arches National Park in Moab, Utah, where you can hike under any of the 2,000 red rock arch formations. You can fly-fish in Yellowstone and take a horseback ride through Glacier National Park in Montana. See the largest collection of rock pillars in the world at Bryce Canyon. Round out your trip by hiking through the canyons in Zion National Park and then take an aerial tour of the Grand Canyon.

Throughout your whole experience, you’ll be staying in some of Under Canvas’s luxury “glamping” tents in Moab, Yellowstone, Glacier, and Zion. Each tent has a king-size bed and private bathroom. If you’re bringing the kids, they can stay in their own teepee, offering plenty of opportunities for stargazing at night.

These parks are the bucket lists of most National Park enthusiasts, so checking them all off in one week is a pretty amazing feat. It’s also a feat that comes with a fairly sizeable price tag, though. Packages start at $30,800 for two people.