Best Destinations On The Planet For Epic Sunsets

that culinary lovers simply can’t pass up. Other destinations offer activities and culture that can keep visitors busy every minute of their trip. Others go to see amazing architecture. For some, though, all a place needs to be an epic vacation destination is an amazing sunset. If you’re looking for the best sunsets on the planet, add the following vacation spots to your bucket list!



Amazing sunsets don’t just happen on tropical islands. If you’re looking for an icy sunset that words just can’t describe, look no further than Lapland, Finland.



Spain has plenty of coastal destinations where you can catch an amazing sunset, but few are better than in the city of Calpe. You can frolic in the Mediterranean Sea all day long and then cap off your beach trip with an amazing sunset over the water.

Salt Flats


There are plenty of reasons to visit Bolivia’s salt flats. They’re incredible to see in the daytime, but for a truly amazing view, you simply have to see them at dusk. The common theme expressed by those who have witnessed it first hand is that they feel as if they’re on a different planet.



Santorini is one of our favorite places, and we’ve managed to list it on plenty of “Best Of” lists. “Epic Sunsets” is no exception. As the sun sets over the water you’ll see a kaleidoscope of oranges, purples, and reds that simply can’t be captured effectively in a photo.

Joshua Tree


Take a trip to Joshua Tree in northern California, get some hiking in during the day and then lay out a picnic blanket before sunset. All you have to do is wait for the sun to dip down behind the mountains and treat yourself to one of the most beautiful sites you’ll ever see.



The many palaces, mosques, and gardens are reason enough to visit the city of Marrakech. Seeing all of those landmarks as the sun sets behind them kicks up their beauty ten-fold.