Best Movies For Travel Inspiration

The simple thought of taking a vacation is usually enough for most of us to get excited about going on a trip but sometimes it’s fun to see other people travel and experience their own adventures. Movies offer us a perfect way to do just that. Here are some of the top films for travel and vacation inspiration.

Lost in Translation

One can only assume that running into Bill Murray in your hotel would make for a pretty memorable trip, but when Scarlett Johannson does it the two soon take to the streets of Tokyo. The result is a fantastic film that could possibly have you booking your next vacation to Japan.

Whale Rider

If New Zealand is on your vacation bucket list, Whale Rider 1should definitely bee on your list of “must see” films. Aside from being entertaining, it provides a lot of insight into the Maori culture, one of the tribes that call New Zealand home.

Lord of the Rings

This epic Peter Jackson film was also filmed in New Zealand and the landscapes in the movie are sure to inspire you. The film features the best New Zealand has to offer, from forests and rivers to glaciers and mountains. There are even local tour operators that offer special Lord of the Rings tours.

Into the Wild

If you’re intrigued by the minimalist movement and the idea of hobo-ing your way across America, you’ll surely find inspiration in the film adaptation of the true story of Christopher McCandless, who takes an epic road trip across the USA and eventually meets his fate in Alaska. It’s a study in just how powerful traveling can be, so long as we have our priorities straight.

Midnight In Paris

If you’re a writer, artist, musician or creative person of any measure (or if you’re intrigued in the slightest by such creative folks) you likely know of the magic that was present in 1920s Paris. Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris is an amazingly humorous and charming exploration of that magic (in some ways, quite literally). Be warned, if you’ve never seen this film there is a very real possibility that not only will it become one of your favorite movies of all time, but there’s also a very real possibility that you’ll book your next vacation to Paris.