Great Travel Ideas For a Budget Fall Getaway Before the Holidays

Still have some vacation days left over? This is the time to use them! The fall is actually the best time to travel to most places because the height of the summer tourist season will have ended, but the winter chill will have yet to show its face. Flights will also be more affordable, depending on where you choose to take your vacation. And finally, you’ll come across fewer tourists, which will encourage you to interact with the locals. There are quite a few budget destinations to choose from this fall, but we’ve narrowed it down to a few.


Getting to Bali itself admittedly isn’t the most affordable of plane tickets. However, bear with us. With the end of the high season comes knock out deals on resorts and hotels, allowing you to save money in that aspect of your travels. Check out Booking for some of the best deals on accommodations we’ve ever seen. Bali is also great in the fall because of the transitional period in the weather. Not only does the stifling dry season end, but the temperatures stay warm up until the rainy season in November. What is there to see in Bali you say? There is no shortage of temples, beaches, and scenic rice paddies that beckon visitors from all over the world.


The capital of Slovenia is a hidden gem. Of all the European capitals, it still has some of the lowest rates of tourism, making your trip into a unique, immersive experience. Slovenia itself is a magnificent country, and Ljubljana is no exception. The city center is quite small, making for an easily walkable or bikeable expedition. In addition, being on the border of Italy and Croatia, day trips to Trieste and Zagreb are very feasible using the affordable and fairly comfortable bus system. Slovenian food, especially desserts, are well worth the expedition as well, be sure to try the decadent Bled cake (named after the superb lake on the outskirts of the city, also worth a visit).


Great Travel Ideas For a Budget Fall Getaway Before the Holidays

Prefer to stay stateside? No worries, we understand the challenges of international travel better than anyone! Like most of the United States, summer is the height of tourist season in Chicago, and for good reason: it gets mighty chilly up there. But now is the perfect time to make the trip up there, with the autumn leaves just beginning to change but the sun still shining bright. Weather is generally in the 60s and 70s, so be sure to bring a light jacket for the nippy mornings and evenings. We highly recommend skipping the weekend of the Chicago marathon in October, which draws over 40,000 people into the city.


Great Travel Ideas For a Budget Fall Getaway Before the Holidays

Interested in an international experience without the hassle of a language barrier? Canada is definitely the way to go. Heading up to Montreal before the height of winter guarantees a great trip without breaking the bank, and you’ll be welcomed with open arms by the notoriously friendly Canadians instead of being seen as yet another tourist. Montreal is a terrific fusion of French and Canadian culture, offering up cobblestoned streets, beautiful museums, and lush parks. Too chilly to walk around? Head down to the Underground City, where you can find shops, restaurants, and other ways to keep you entertained. 


Despite the closure of WOW Air, the ultra-budget airline that offered rock bottom prices for tickets to Europe, traveling to Iceland is definitely a must. A reasonably quick flight at 5 hours from New York, Icelandic prices tank come October in everything from rental cars to hotels. But the best part is that the fall is the best time to catch the Northern Lights!