How To Experience Old Hollywood While In L.A.

When people think of Hollywood, they likely think back to the golden days of films, with movie stars dotting every bar and restaurant in town and a career-making party just a weekend away. L.A. is still a haven for movie-related business, but that old Hollywood lifestyle isn’t nearly as prevalent as it used to be. If you know where to look, though, you can still find some of the old haunts that movie stars from days gone by would frequent. Here’s how you can get a taste of old Hollywood on your next trip to L.A.

Visit Musso & Frank’s

This classic Hollywood haunt is the oldest restaurant in town. It’s home to the original fettuccine Alfredo; a recipe brought to Hollywood from Rome by Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford. You can grab an A.M. martini, served by waiters in bow ties and boleros and know that you’re in the company of the ghosts of Joe DiMaggio, William Faulkner, Orson Welles and Janis Joplin.

Stay at the Roosevelt Hotel

While you don’t necessarily have to stay at the oldest hotel in L.A., you should at least put it on your list of locations to visit. It was the site of the first ever Academy Awards in 1929. It was a frequent home to Marilyn Monroe, who did her first magazine shoot right next to the pool, and some say her ghost still roams the grounds of the hotel.

Spot celebrities at one of the most famous party spots in the city

High above Sunset Boulevard sits Chateau Marmont, infamous as a location for the wild parties of celebrities like Led Zeppelin and James Dean. The seclusion of the joint made it an ideal spot for stars to party freely, away from prying eyes. It’s still a great place to see celebrities today, and the hotel restaurant has a menu that won’t break the bank.

Visit the oldest bar in Hollywood

The Frolic Room is the epitome of a dive bar. It’s small, it doesn’t have a website, and it serves primarily beer and shots. However, it has a long history of famous patrons, most of whom can be seen in photographs on the wall. It’s still used as a set for many films today, and if you’re hitting up Hollywood Boulevard, it should be at the top of your list.