Wanna Beat The Winter Blues? Check Out This Secret Beach In Italy

Do a little online research on the topic of the most beautiful landscapes in the world and there’s a good chance that Italy’s Amalfi Coast is going to pop up in the results. It’s for good reason, too. This region of Italy is blessed with some of the most naturally gorgeous coastlines and beautiful beaches you’ll find anywhere on the planet.

Now that you’re convinced the Amalfi Coast should have a spot on your travel bucket list, it’s time to find a specific location. For us, it’s the town of Furore. The tiny village is located in the Campania region. The highlight of the town is a huge fjord that happens to hide one of the most beautiful private beaches you’ll ever lay eyes on.

There are a couple of ways you can experience this amazing beach. There’s a bridge that spans the top of the opening of the fjord. From here, you can get some amazing views of the beach below and the open sea in the opposite direction. The other option is to make the trek down the long staircase to sea level, where you can experience the beach firsthand and swim in the clear blue bay.

The fjord was created over centuries as a result of the Schiato River pounding away at the rock. It offers more than just lying on the beach, swimming, and amazing views, too. The natural amphitheater also hosts the Marmeeting High Diving World Championship. That’s not all. Swim all afternoon in the clear waters of the bay, then hike any number of the nearby trails and you’ll end up at a series of restaurants and bars—the perfect cap to an amazing day.

Furore offers more than just the fjord. The town is dotted with quaint little homes that now serve as an open-air museum, highlighting a wide range of artwork. If you don’t want to do the legwork of planning a trip yourself, Furore has several tour guides that will make sure you hit all of the “must-see” locations, including the fjord itself, not to mention many other amazing locations along the Amalfi Coast.