Want To Camp On An Active Volcano? Here’s How

For some, simply camping in a field somewhere under the stars isn’t enough to satisfy the need for adventure. If you’re into rock climbing, you could always sleep in a port-a-ledge, high on the face of El Capitan to kick up the danger factor. However, if you’re looking for an experience that’s more, say, in the middle, how does camping on the side of an active volcano suit you?

Nicaragua is home to Volcan Telica, looming 3,481 feet above the surrounding jungle. Local tour guides will actually take you up to the mountain to camp. It’s relatively safe, too. Volcan Telica erupted in 2015, and despite being a pretty impoverished nation, the technology in Nicaragua is still good enough that they were able to evacuate everyone from the danger area prior to the eruption. That means that you should be able to rest fairly easy knowing that if there was a threat of eruption you wouldn’t be allowed on the mountain in the first place.

But still, you’ll feel the earth shake and rumble beneath you as you’re lying in your tent. For some, that’s terrifying. For others—the chance of a lifetime!

The views from the campsite are amazing. You’ll be able to look out at the 1,000-foot high mountain range of the Cordillera de los Maribios. Perhaps even more impressive is the view you’ll get when you peak over the crest of Volcan Telica. You’ll see red streams of molten lava flowing down inside the volcano, somewhere in the range of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Back in camp, you might see the occasional wisp of smoke poke up out of the ground. That’s not exactly something you get at your local KOA.

The volcano isn’t the only thing you’ll see on your trek. You’ll pass local farmers driving ox teams and you’ll be able to stop and check out a plethora of gorgeous plant life, plus an occasional boiling mud pool or two.

If you’re interested in experiencing Volcan Telica for yourself, you can take a bus or rent a car to get to the area, but many tour guides offer transportation as part of their packages. The best part is probably the price, as most tour guides offer the trip for just about $50 per person. That’s pretty fair for what is likely one of the most memorable camping trips you’ll ever take.